Directorate of Teacher education & SCERT

FieldReports helps TESCERT monitor daily attendance and activities across 30 DIET colleges in Odisha.


Continuous monitoring of any institution is essential for bringing desirable changes in the functioning of the institution. Weak monitoring of the outputs and outcomes of the teacher education institutions and absence of systematic monitoring mechanism affects the effectiveness of the teacher education programme. DTE and SCERT as the administrative controlling office of all teacher education institutions (TEIs) of the state, needs to monitor the performance of the TEIs in regular basis.

TEIs spread over all 30 districts of the state are located very far from the state headquarter and it is difficult to monitor physically. The Directorate was looking for a better approach for monitoring the TEIs

FieldReports Solution

Bizframe’s Field Reports offers feautures that cover such requirements easily Real time report collecting and further follow up actions based on the reports could help the DTE and SCERT to improve the quality of Teacher Education Scenario of the state. TESCERT selected Bizframe ‘s proposal over several other providers for clarity of purpose and a field tested solution to deploy and maintain a real time mobile based inspection and monitoring system.


Each DIET was allocated funds to purchase an Android Tablet 8 to 10 inch in size. Bizframe’s Field reporting mobile app was installed on each such device. Bizframe support team custom designed the data capture forms based on existing paper formats that existed for typical reporting purpose.


The system continues to be used proactively by all DIETs in Odisha and the department monitors the inward reports.

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