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Offline mobile forms

Field Reports offers you the flexibility to work in any environment, even beyond network coverage.

With Field Reports there are no operational restrictions such as having to be constantly online to effectively work. You stay on the job, however remote and keep working as you normally would – when you are back within your network all your work is automatically synched and submitted back to your enterprise workspace.

Field Reports allows you to truly unleash the power of the mobile worker. Without the fetters of a being in a connected workspace, you gain a “work anywhere” in “any environment” advantage. No more managing cumbersome data connection options that place an increased pressure on the system.

mobile app for inspection, survey, checklists

mobile form designer for creating survey inspection forms

Custom forms designer

Transform your traditional paper data entry forms into Mobile forms with online drag-drop forms designer.

With FieldReports online forms desginer you can easily create data entry forms without any prior knowledge of programming. You can update these forms and publish changes on-the-fly. You can create forms for inspection, maintenance, time-reports, checklists, asset monitoring and just about anything that needs to be reported and monitored.
FieldReports also comes loaded with an array of templates that pre-emptively cater to most of your needs. You can also edit the templates to integrate advanced elements like geo-tagging, text-fields, images, workflows and a host of other features.

Image Markup/annotations

Capture images, add annotation and improve the relevance of your reports.

Field Reports image capture feature offers you powerful options that and add significant depth to your reports. You can add a signature to a form in situations that demand stakeholder sign-off and accountability. The photo can then include handwritten notes through the touchscreen where relevant annotations add significant context can be added to an otherwise normal situational snap.

Using these powerful features on an image ensures that stakeholder accountability and onus are immediately ramped up. Proof and corroboration becomes an inherent factor that will drive organisational efficiency.

With Field Reports, you are just a form away.

annoations and marking on inspection images
Managing large mobile reporting teams

User and device Management

Complete control over your users , devices and who has permission and access to your forms and data.

Managing users and the data they control or have access to, has never been easier. Field Reports offers Administrator extensive collaboration options - to provide selective and fine grained access control. You can instantly add a device or restrict a connection ensuring that there are no compromises on your enterprise’s security.

Form updates

As your employees gain deeper insight into their work, they may suggest changes to forms that make their work and yours easier. Once you distil these learnings into a new feature, you can modify an existing form and deploy to the entire team in just a single click. This saves time, money and effort all translating into significant enterprise efficiency gains.


Hand drawn signatures / digital signatures

Enable authenticity in reports

FieldReports supports electronic signing of documents using either hand drawn signatures or more authentic DSC( Digital signature certificates). Compliance and governance are fast becoming catchwords across most industry verticals. The capacity to ensure accountability across all reports and the ability to infuse them into workflows will provide enterprises a tremendous amount of regulatory confidence.

handdrawn signatures in mobile forms
GIS and google map view of reporting locations


Gain insight into the “where” of your business. You can now track the exact geo-location of reports during creation and submission.

FieldReports Geo-tagging feature offers enterprises the unique opportunity to improve visibility into their operations by measuring ‘when’ and ‘where’ specific events occur. You can now track the date, time, and location of your forms or reports. These powerful features let you monitor when your team visits a job site and where they collect data from.

Better monitoring of tasks and jobs, improved tracking and advanced reporting of location-specific events through time and Geo stamping can help you get the most out of your resources and improve your bottom line.

With FieldReports, you can keep an eagle eye on your business and its performance. Stay on the button and in-charge.

Report Formats

You can easily customize the way your reports look with our drag-drop PDF reports designer.

In certain compliance based scenarios, individual prinatable reports are still a norm, especially if they span across multiple organizations. For exampel, consider an address verification company submitting individual reports to a bank. Even When moving away from paper based processes, you could design your PDF report templates to look just like your earlier paper based forms. That way, the last mile reporting is now blazing fast and the rest of the processes are still largely unchanged.

Report designer tool
management dashboard for mobile report submissions.


One view to manage them all. Stay on top of things from a top level Birds-eye-view to rapidly drilling down into specific data points.

FieldReports dashboard is your main command and control centre. This is where you come to create forms, create user groups, assign devices and set-up your report views.

The dashboard allows you to leverage real-time information and customized viewing options of actual inspection and reporting data.Using this information, enterprises can clear bottle-necks or throttle down efficiency leakage and loss.

FieldReports also supports 3rd party dashboards that provide additional capabilities around data analytics.

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