Audits, Inspections, Surveys

Create custom questionaires for audit teams and surveys.

Audits & Inspections

Leverage the power of FieldReports to enhance your field force management allowing inspectors and auditors to streamline findings while cutting down on clerical work.

Increase accountability and efficiency of field teams

Field audit work requirements are ever changing. Paper forms are just too cumbersome, error prone and obsolete. With FieldReports you can instantly creating the latest version of a mandatory release or edit an older form and push it out to the field. You can update these forms as frequently as client needs fluctuate and government rules evolve. Evaluations and investigative reports reflect your standards throughout your team meaning all data captured from site audits, interviews and statements is consistent.

Maximize legal compliance with proper documentation

Easily access historical claim details, procedure guidelines and policy updates on your team’s mobile devices anytime, anywhere. FieldReports ensures that you are connected to a centralized database to synchronize information. You can then view documents and past reports while in the field, with or without network coverage. Enterprises can drive best practices and improve compliance for clients.

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