Maintenance, plumbing, electrical contractors

Generate proof of work delivery on site and get paid faster.

Field Services

Empower your Field Force with tools that drive accuracy, verification and real-time monitoring. Stay on top and keep track of where your field employees are and what they are working on.

Inspection, KYC and Verification

You can equip your field force with powerful tools that set them up for success. FieldReports ensures that you can eliminate your paper forms, while accurately recreating them in electronic format. Using our drag and drop tools, users can easily recreate any KYC or verification form while adding rich media and information to the process. Verification of work, asset status or an individual’s particulars is now quick and easy. Your inspectors or field force can input data; add geo-tagging; include time stamped photos with sketch-ups and add signatures for confirmation, enabling the delivery of information that is rich with details and specifics.

Maintenance Reports

FieldReports offers you a comprehensive slew of features for creating and generating maintenance reports for enterprise assets. Real-time reports ensure that you can action preventive upkeep measures before an asset can fail or degrade. Even if the assets are beyond network coverage, the data is saved offline and synched back to the server once the field workers comes back into coverage. Mobile teams on site can easily problem-solve and remain independent. You can also dispatch forms from the office to field force workers’ devices, at any location. Workflows can be set up so that your field staff can accept dispatched jobs. You can also assign jobs or tasks to anyone with a certain user role or job seniority.

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