Daily Work Reports

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Infrastructure & Construction

With its 24/7 operations, distributed assets, and a large field workforce, the Infrastructure & Construction industry can significantly increase efficiency and cost savings from the insights, reporting capabilities and anytime, anywhere features of FieldReports.

Keep construction on schedule

Managing the construction of Highways, Bridges, Road Networks, Ports, Power Plants and Infrastructure can be challenging and daunting. The need to effectively monitor, manage and deploy work is the key to successful execution of these projects. FieldReports allows agencies to intuitively oversee real-time data from job sites, safety and compliance reports, incident reports and more, to carefully monitor construction progress. These crucial insights can call out red flags that cause project delays, ensuring that they are completed on time and on budget.

Streamline work and daily reporting

FieldReports helps you create the complete chain of reports that you need to access work and progress visibility on a constant basis. You can map your forms to the reports that power your entire workflow, and then monitor all events, KPIs and information from the main dashboard. Use a birds-eye-view to grasp the big picture or drill down to the minute details about issues related to a specific work order. Your workforce can complete their daily reports at construction sites and promptly send out communications and emails with summary reports in PDF, MS Word or just about any format that your enterprise needs. This tightens the communication loop with management and project stakeholders. Errors are reduced, enabling informed decisions every time

Maintain accurate project documentation

Every activity, work report or change order can be captured and documented in FieldReports. This helps enhance field monitoring clarity by including geo-location and time-stamped photos with annotations and digital signatures directly in your reports. Pre-filled fields ensure that workers find using the application easy and intuitive. Teams are empowered and guided through proper steps, while getting the job done right the first time.

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