Monitoring Government Projects

Upto date beneficiary reports provide vital feedback for tracking public welfare schemes, such as sanitation, drinking water supply and housing projects.


For government agencies, a major challenge is to access, manage and analyse data across vast geographical environments. With funding being accessed from multiple sources both national and international, compliance and project oversight are now mandatory. Using the right technology and tools is vital to strategic management, tactical planning and cost-effective decisions.

Increase accountability and efficiency of field teams

Managing colossal projects with large financial outlays can be daunting. FieldReports ensures that you can keep an eagle-eye on progress and pre-emptively mitigate risks. You can use insightful dashboards to track Key Performance Indicators, access real-time updates and actively use GPS and GIS information features. All these features and more can be accessed across most android hand-held devices and smartphones

FieldReports offers you a far-reaching solution to manage all aspects of project monitoring, audit and inspection. The software offers you an exceptionally high ROI in terms of increased efficiency, better compliance and quality management.

FieldReports offers an open, industry standards-based platform based on web services. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) supports interoperability with other systems. It is well integrated with most major project management software like Microsoft Project.

Save inspection time - eliminate paper trails

Most government teams work across multiple industries, such as infrastructure, public works, environmental protection and construction. Examining sites, and work areas to verify specific standards, identify issues and monitor work progress is crucial for project success.

FieldReports is designed to specifically solve these data collection challenges. It combines the power of a highly configurable platform with the ease of use and reliability of native mobile applications for mobile inspections. Agencies can quickly use the drag and drop editor to recreate their paper forms, while adding a host of rich monitoring features to enhance their effectiveness. Field officials can retrieve and complete relevant inspection forms, then submit inspection results even if they are offline. FieldReports also enables attaching visual proof (e.g. video, photo, signatures) of noncompliance if there is a failure to meet one or more of specified government requirements or standards.

Easy and Intuitive - software anyone can learn

Using FieldReports is akin to using any normal smartphone application. A clear and clean application layout with intuitive screens makes data entry simple and easy. Its tested usability and intuitive design allows users to easily grasp features, even after minimal usage.

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