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Leverage the power of FieldReports to streamline field verification reports, enabling backend to process claims and applications faster.

Increase accountability and efficiency of field teams

Risk Management is a core need of Banking and Insurance sector. Field Reports can reduce TAT ( turn-around-time) for verification processes. Formal investigative reports reflect your standards throughout your team meaning all data captured from site visits, interviews and statements is consistent, while field staff is not overburdened with clerical report creation, further reducing errors.

Maximize legal compliance with proper documentation

Easily access historical claim details, procedure guidelines and policy updates on your team’s mobile devices anytime, anywhere. FieldReports ensures that you are connected to a centralized database to synchronize information. You can then view documents and past reports while in the field, with or without network coverage. Your enterprise can drive best practices and improve your inspection compliance rate further

Speed up claims processing and enhance customer satisfaction

With your reports and workflows in FieldReports, you can capture and document all field activity and send it back to supervisors in the office. Data validation and pre-filled fields enhance data input quality, so you can make sure all necessary information is acquired while on the field. Detailed data including sketched-up photos, GPS locations and signatures can be embedded directly into forms to supplement reported findings.

Rapidly react during catastrophic events

Using FieldReports, you can centrally manage all data to quickly respond and dispatch assignments under urgent circumstances to members or teams as needed. The software possesses the ability to adapt and scale rapidly in any situation, eliminating further delays.

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